Pro - 1

20 GB Storage

1,550 tk monthly

Pro - 2

40 GB Storage

2,500 tk monthly

Pro - 3

80 GB Storage

4,000 tk monthly

Pro - 4

160 GB Storage

5,200 tk monthly

All plans also include these features

Open LiteSpeed

WordPress Optimized

24hrs Customer Support

Cyber Panel

Weekly Backup

Our DataCenter

User Friendly CyberPanel

Cyberpanel is one of the best hosting panels. This looks better than cPanel besides you will love to operate this panel. You will get one-click WordPress installation system. Our CyberPanel is running on OpenLiteSpeed

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we have 24/7 customer service. Besides we also keep our client’s details fully encrypted.

VPS Cloud hosting is the fastest hosting than Budget & Shared Cloud Hosting cause this is a server and you can manage your server from root by yourself. There are many 4 Regions for your serever. Both are same price.

Yes, we have refund system in all hosting packages. If you are facing any issue or you are not satisfied then we will refund without asking any questions . 

Open Technology means our server is using this openlitespeed technology which is really faster than nginx. So your website gonna load faster than others. So this is OpenLiteSpeed Technology.

If you are using WordPress then this will be really cool. Because WordPress site gonna load very faster. Our budget hosting packages are specially designed for WordPress users.

CyberPanel is the main Website’s control panel where you can see all the limits of your hosting space. Then from there you can create your own business emails etc. There are lots of features in cyberpanel.

VPS Cloud hosting bases on cloud technology. It never stops. We provides best premium support with cloud hosting packages also with many facilities. Your website will never gonna be slow. Our premium support costs ( 1000 taka ) monthly which is completely free with all VPS Cloud hosting packages.

Yes, you will get full root access.

No Dedicated server / Dedicated Server hosting is the boss of all hosting