Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

So Welcome to our terms & conditions page. here you will find our rules & regulations.


We manage our servers from Bangladesh, Singapore, USA, India etc. We specially take care of our servers. We specially take care of your client's privacy. We do not leak any informations of our client's identity. But yes if he / she do anything crime or something unethical in this case if police / defence wanted to know about your identity or about your self we will give information to them only. Otherwise no one can buy or steal your information from us. We are highly protected.

Hosting Services

First of all this is a private online based company. If anyone doesn't renew their services at the accurate time then our automatic software will suspend your service after that you need to renew your service. After renewing you can able to access all your data. If you do not renew your service we will terminate / delete your website after 30days. You will be notified before termination. After suspending your service your call support will be turned off so that you cannot call us for help. That time you can only able to contact us through E-mail or through our live chat. After renewing your service we will again give you direct call support. We will consider 24hrs if you can't renew your hosting service at your present time. After 24hrs if we suspend your service we will charge 10% extra from your renewing fee.

Domain Services

We provide you domains from Public Domain Registry, Namecheap, 123-Reg. We will not take any responsibility if you buy a domain under 950taka / BDT. Cause we from PDR ( Public Domain Registry ) the most safe platform for domain buying & selling. You need to spend a little bit more as an example .com = 950taka from PDR. Mainly if you buy from PDR ( Public Domain Registry ) then we will take responsibility. Namecheap, 123-reg domains are much cheaper than PDR .com domain will cost you 500tk but we will not take any responsibility in that case. We will only take responsibility if you buy from PDR through us. If you do not renew your domain at time we will not consider anything in this case. Because domains are not in our hands so you need to renew in given time. If you pass that time then you cannot take any action against us.