How to know in linux you are using DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5?

Open your terminal and connect with your server and follow the following commands. I gave here for Centos, Ubuntu & Almalinux

Installation Commands:

For Centos 7

sudo yum install dmidecode

For Almalinux 8

sudo dnf install dmidecode

For Ubuntu

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install dmidecode

Checking Command:

After installing you need to run this command to check if it is DDR5, 4 or 3

sudo dmidecode --type memory

look for “DDR3” or “DDR4” Information: In the output, look for the “Type” field associated with your RAM modules. It will specify whether your RAM is DDR3 or DDR4. For example, you might see lines like:

Type: DDR3 / Type: DDR4 / Type: DDR5

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