Convert Your Business Mail To Gmail.

If you are used to gmail then this plan is for you. If you are bored using cPanel eMails, Zimbra Mails then convert that to Gsuite. Which is more than a gmail.

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This is exactly a gmail but it will be on your business name like "[email protected]"
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Because if you are more comfortable with gmail then this plan is absolutely fine for you. We will not connect your cPanel email to your gmail by pop3 or imap gsuite is a service by google. So convert your cPanel / Other service mails to Gmail.

We are reseller of Google Workspace. This is how we can provide in a cheap price.

You need to simply inform us via WhatsApp, Ticket or E-Mail. Our tech team will assist you.

You will get one single E-Mail account for 4.50 dollars. Means if you order 2 accounts it will cost you total $9


Regarding Google WorkSpace ..........

Enjoy special introductory price starting at $1.50/mo*

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